4 month post-op

Joey Cooper is doing so so so so great! He saw the local surgeon at end of Sept and we were told we did not have to dilate anymore….BUT when we spoke w/ our Cincinnati surgeon he recommended weaning him off the dilator- which will take another few months. So we still dilate, now down to every other day. In a couple weeks we drop down to every two days, then once per week, then every other week, then once per month…so by late winter we should be done with the dilator FOR GOOD!!

Joey Coop is pooping like crazy! YAH! He has even tried some of the ‘be careful/binding’ foods (like banana, sweet potato and yogurt). He has done terrific w/ all of them. They have not caused any issues at all (except major diaper rash- yogurt!).

We don’t have to go back to surgeon again till December. We are so so so so so happy and feel very peaceful right now- not in a constant state of worry. It feels good to exhale.

Thanks for keeping up w/ our blog! Happy Autumn!

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  1. Michelle Kuban August 19, 2014 at 4:19 pm | | Reply

    Hi! I found your blog recently. Our son, William, was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs at 2 months. At 2.5 months he underwent pull-through surgery to remove a short segment of his colon. We have had one bout with enterocolitis at 2 weeks post op. He is exclusively breast fed, except that we started solids- oatmeal cereal- this past week- at nearly 5 months. We are doing irrigations 1x/day because since starting solids he has not been having good poops. Wondering if it was too early for solids or if I should have started with something else? He’s also very gassy since starting the cereal. He’s not on any probiotics but I think we should make it part of his daily regiment. (We have also just moved across country and have changed surgeon, pediatrician….to add to the complexity). Mainly wondering what solids you started with and when? Thanks in advance.

    1. Brenda Weiss October 19, 2014 at 7:09 pm | | Reply

      I always suggest waiting as long as possible to start solids, it always causes a disruption. In my opinion (I’m not a dr. just a Mama to HD boy!!!) give the gut as much time as possible to mature before starting solids. Breast (or formula) is totally fine as exclusive food until one year (of course talk to your ped about it!). We started Joey at 7 mos and went super super slow. I wish we would have waited a bit longer. each HD baby is different so the decision is between you and your team.
      GOOD LUCK!

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