6.5 years old and 6 years post pull through

Joey continues to amaze. Things are ‘normal’. We monitor is fiber and water daily. Keep a very ‘clean’ healthy diet w/ some cheating here and there. He poops 1-4x per day. They never look or sound like a ‘normal’ poop but that is totally okay w/ us!!!!! He’s been on antibiotics twice this year w/ very little disruption to bowels and we are grateful for that. All and all we are in a great place. Joey will start 1st grade in the fall and is doing fantastic. So blessed. We are thankful for poop each and every single day!

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  1. Raj Reddy April 14, 2016 at 4:47 pm | | Reply

    My son is 2 months old he went through a colostomy. He has been diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease. We live in Raleigh, NC area. I heard about several good centers for his surgery. Cincinnati children’s colorectal, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston. Can you please let me know which is the best hospital to treat his condition and go through a surgery?


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