Personalized Stem Cells Shed Light On Hirschsprung Disease

Interesting article about HD and stem cells Read more from Asian Scientist Magazine at:

PodCast about approach to Hirschsprung’s Disease

I got this link in my google alert, thought I would share it with the HD world. -joe

New Research Sheds Light on Hirschsprung’s Disease

“This is an interesting finding, because people have wondered for a long time if there is a single bacterium that causes the process (enterocolitis), but this shows that it is really the balance or whole community that may make a difference,” he says. This new understanding could lead to monitoring of intestinal bacteria and possible […]

Video explanation of Hirschsprungs Disease

Dr. Marc Levitt is Surgical Director for the Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Here is a good simple accounting to learn just what this disease is about.

Daily Hirschsprung’s Story

This is  a blog where you can view recent info about HD.

Dr. Marc Levitt is leaving Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Hirschsprungs Disease News: I received an email from Dr. Levitt today.  It’s sad news for the folks at Cincinnati Children’s but it’s good news for those little ones who are suffering form colo-rectal issues. Dr. Marc Levitt is moving to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  He stated that… “it will be an incredible opportunity, to help […]

Such kind words from another HD family

Attention Hirschsprungs Disease families.  You are not alone.  We were fortunate enough to meet with another family who has a boy with HD.  Our respective wives had become close friends thanks to the internet and Facebook. We met in the place of all places, Disneyland in Orlando.  Here is a link to Keaton’s Blog: Eat, […]

Here is our little guy enjoying some California rolls.  We keep raw tuna out of his diet, but his normal go to meal is chicken teriyaki.

Anti Fungal Medicine is working

Our little guy is pooping again.  He’s had a foot fungus thing going on for a few months now.  There is a school of thought that if there is an external fungal expression, that there could be an internal fungal imbalance going on too. I’ll update this post soon with what medication he has been taking.

a bump in the road…..

Well right after his 4th bday he started w/ a minor wet cough. Pooping started to slow, maybe because of the mucous. Then just in time for Xmas his pooping stopped. We had to irrigate the day after Xmas and start him on senna. The irrigation was very hard but I got him clean and […]