We decided to give botox a try. I upped his senna again to two strips (or approx 17 mg) per day and still nothing. He complains every day that his belly button hurts and his poopy hurts. His appetite goes from good to bad as his colon fills up w/ poop and he gets really uncomfortable. I tried dilating again and all that did was have him awake for 2+ hrs in middle of night SCREAMING in pain. Once I stopped dilating those long night wakings stopped.

Week 3 I think of gluten free and I see no change at all. Giving it one more week then will re-intro and see if it changes anything.

We are supposed to go in for Botox tomorrow, but now I think he is getting E’s head cold so we’ll see…..when they do the botox they will also do some internal scoping to see if he has anything else going on internally that could be causing the constipation/pain, etc.

I so hope this helps. The irrigations are absolute HELL and we cannot continue to live like this. He needs a break and so do we. Praying for some relief.

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