One month post-op/UPDTAE

Joey Cooper is doing great!!!!!!!!! It has been 5 weeks, 2 days since surgery- but whose counting?!? His poops are starting to slow down. he was pooping a small amount at almost every diaper change and we are changing him at least every two hours during the day. His poops are starting to regulate to 2-3 bigger ones each day!! That is good news. Sorry if TMI- but of course these threads are all about POOP!!!

He had an xray done last week to make sure his colon looked clear. His nurse said “looks like he is emptying well” and surgeon said “xray looks beautiful”!!!!!!!!!! :)

We had our one month follow up w/ local surgeon yesterday. They had to do the hagar dialator test on him. They check his anus to make sure no swelling/scar tissue build up. He did great….no tightness, everything normal. That means we do not have to dialate at all right now…another YAH!

We will talk to Dr. Levitt in Cinci today to review everything and I think we will have another visit (local) at the 2 month mark and 3 month mark- we’ll see what Dr. L thinks.

We are so happy to be getting back to normal and to be dealing w/ regular baby stuff. Joey Coop is happy, growing and will actually start solids next month- we have been holding off to give his colon more time to heal.

That’s all! Happy Summer!

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