post op day 6

It has been a rough the past couple days. Joey Coop was DEFINITELY ready to eat yesterday but he is still NPO….they had to do another xray yesterday to see if his intestines improved from Friday and they did! YAH! He was WAY fussy yesterday and we could hardly even get him to nap at all. I had to even leave the hospital for a bit because being around me (and my milk filled boobs) was making him more angry/fussy/unhappy :(
very sad :(
but on a positive note JC and Daddy have had some GREAT bonding time the past few days!!!

Today is better. His xray this morning looked GREAT and the surgeon said we could start small feedings; has to be my pumped milk in a bottle so we can regulate the he has had three 2 oz bottles since 9am and he has tolerated all of them. We have had one small dirty diaper and we are hoping for more dirty ones soon…then we can up the ounces a bit. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY day!

Think Ella has had enough of this so called ‘vacation’. She has been fussy lately, but is also recovering from a cold SO who knows. I know she is READY to be back at home. She did ask if her best buddies could come and visit us at the hospital :( she misses her friends and her home routine! She does love hanging w/ her Auntie Jenny and everyday has a cool new hairdo (how do you spell that?).
I am TIRED (as is Joe) and am really really really praying that we can start our journey home on Tuesday. It is EXHAUSTING all day everyday here and being in a Children’s Hospital is taking its toll- so so so many really really sick kids- breaking our hearts :(

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