Hirschsprung’s Disease

Proximal Colostogram?

Ok, so yesterday we went to the hospital for a scheduled procedure that our surgeon, Dr. Marc Levitt requested.  It’s called a ‘proximal colostogram’.  It’s an xray of my little guy’s upper gi tract (through his stoma).  A catheder was inserted into his stoma and some contrast dye was injected.  It wasn’t all that bad.  […]

ER trip last night

So after a few days of spurattic crying from our little guy (crying was not from ebing tired or hungry). we headed to pediatrician.  Then we were off to ER for Xray adn blood work.  What an ordeal.  Thank God for NICU nurses, otherwise our 4 hour trip would have been much longer.  XRay’s turned […]

Ella & her little brother

Here is an example of happy kids.  Ella loves her little brother.

what procedure/surgeon to choose

So here we are.  We just had an apt with our current surgen Dr. Jacir out of NJ Morristown General Hospital.  He want’s to prefrom the Sove procedure in a few weeks.  I am not too sure about this.  I have done my research and I am leaning torward having Dr. Marc Levitt in Cincinatti […]

President’s Day fun?

Well, so I have the day off today and I was hoping to make the most of the day.  We just painted Joey Coop’s room and I was hoping to go out and about to get him a new light fixture.  That’s what I thought.  We headed out with a tired Joey Coop and a […]

joey coop update

Ok, so here is where we are at now.  I have been doing some research about what hirschsprung woudl be best for my little guy and what is the best place to have his pull-through surgery done.  I am looking into a hospital in cincinatti – link here. There are a lot of factors to […]

Look at mr valentine

Here is a shot of my young son, Joseph Cooper.

Hey Curly?

Here is a quick picure of our little Ella Sophia.

Ella’s Dr Apointment

My little girl had her 2 1/2 year check up.  Here are her stats… 31 lbs 37 lbs Great vision weighed herself on the big girl scale.

9 weeks already

Well, I haven’t been a good blogger, but her goes. Little Joey Coop is here, 9 weeks and growing. Surgeon appointment this Friday to see when his surgery will be. More to come…