Anal Dialation


So last Thursday Joey Coop’s belly starts LOUD rumbling (pooping fine). Friday he seems better, pooping fine but late afternoon vomiting begins and lasts on/off for a few hrs. By Saturday he has stopped pooping. Sunday = enema that does not really pass much so irrigation. We see surgeon on Monday who thinks he just […]

One year surgical check up

All went really well at our check up. JC’s sphincter is still tight so we will continue to dilate and consult w/ our Cinci surgeon on how/when to start the weaning process again. Since we resumed daily dilation Joey Cooper has been sleeping through the night almost every night (YIPPPEEE!) so it is obviously helping […]

tight sphincter, back to dilation

Our nights have gotten so so so bad. Joey Cooper calling out for me every 10-20 min, crying, moaning, obviously uncomfortable/in pain. Nothing we do seems to help, and we have tried everything….so a trip to the surgeon. It brings us some relief, because we get an answer as to why he is so uncomfie. […]

SIX months post-op AND ONE YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! What a year…it has been a few days of reflection for me and ALOT of happy tears. One year ago we were waiting for diagnosis and I was being discharged from the hospital and begging the midwives to come up w/ some way to let me stay admitted so I could remain in the […]

4 month post-op

Joey Cooper is doing so so so so great! He saw the local surgeon at end of Sept and we were told we did not have to dilate anymore….BUT when we spoke w/ our Cincinnati surgeon he recommended weaning him off the dilator- which will take another few months. So we still dilate, now down […]