Pull Through Surgery

One year post pull through!

We have made it to the one year mark!!!! YIPPPEEEE!!! I cannot believe it has been a year since our journey out to Cincinnati for Joey Coop’s pull through surgery. It has been a long road but all and all he is doing so well. I cannot believe it!!!! My boy is so strong and […]

Day 2 in pics & video

We got some outside time today (believe it or not).  The fresh air was great and it knocked the groggiesness out of our little guy.  Ella Sophia ran around in circles and had fun too.   Here is our little guy shortly after the outside adventure and right after the nurses took that not-so-fun tube […]

post-op day 2

Had a great night last night. Joey Coop slept for us and all of his monitors cooperated and did not make too much noise. He is on new pain meds and they are still causing some itching so we have meds that help to lessen the itch! Today he will be taken off ng tube […]

forgot to mention…surgery went AWESOME

he did GREAT in surgery.  It only lasted 3 hrs or so.  It went exactly as it was supposed to w/ no complications.  The patholgist confirmed that it is only 30% affected- so that 30% of colon is gone and his ostomy was pulled down and re-attached to rectum/anus.  His colon, which usually looks sort […]