Unfortunately we have had many bouts of enterocolitis. These are posts as what we did about it.

Anti Fungal Medicine is working

Our little guy is pooping again.  He’s had a foot fungus thing going on for a few months now.  There is a school of thought that if there is an external fungal expression, that there could be an internal fungal imbalance going on too. I’ll update this post soon with what medication he has been taking.

six weeks of hell and counting

We have been to the ER twice. We have been giving enema’s, suppositories, or irrigations depending on JC’s status. We have been through maybe two bouts w/ enteroc…or it never really was gone after the first oral course of flagyl. We had to do irrigations w/ Flagyl 3x per day for a while, then weaned […]


So last Thursday Joey Coop’s belly starts LOUD rumbling (pooping fine). Friday he seems better, pooping fine but late afternoon vomiting begins and lasts on/off for a few hrs. By Saturday he has stopped pooping. Sunday = enema that does not really pass much so irrigation. We see surgeon on Monday who thinks he just […]