Tight Sphincter

January 2011

So poop resumed in early December 2010 and it was a very on/off month. We had to do some irrigations around Xmas and then again around New Years and then things stopped again in mid-January. Joey had an upper GI done and all results came back normal. Ella (his big sis) got a terrible stomach […]

One year surgical check up

All went really well at our check up. JC’s sphincter is still tight so we will continue to dilate and consult w/ our Cinci surgeon on how/when to start the weaning process again. Since we resumed daily dilation Joey Cooper has been sleeping through the night almost every night (YIPPPEEE!) so it is obviously helping […]

tight sphincter, back to dilation

Our nights have gotten so so so bad. Joey Cooper calling out for me every 10-20 min, crying, moaning, obviously uncomfortable/in pain. Nothing we do seems to help, and we have tried everything….so a trip to the surgeon. It brings us some relief, because we get an answer as to why he is so uncomfie. […]