So last Thursday Joey Coop’s belly starts LOUD rumbling (pooping fine). Friday he seems better, pooping fine but late afternoon vomiting begins and lasts on/off for a few hrs. By Saturday he has stopped pooping. Sunday = enema that does not really pass much so irrigation. We see surgeon on Monday who thinks he just […]

ER visit

So our pooping slow down turned into a pooping STOP. So we had almost a week of daily enemas to keep JC cleaned out. Poor little man HATES them and we HATE giving them to him. It takes the two of us to hold him down and then it takes 45-60 min of naked time […]

enema, laxative and diet!

So after 14 days on oral and topical anti-fungul Joey Cooper’s diaper rash was still not going away. We had a few days where it started to look better, but then the redness, bloody, open sores were back! When you hear diaper rash you may think, what is the big deal? Well this diaper rash […]