ER visit

So our pooping slow down turned into a pooping STOP. So we had almost a week of daily enemas to keep JC cleaned out. Poor little man HATES them and we HATE giving them to him. It takes the two of us to hold him down and then it takes 45-60 min of naked time for him to empty and one of us walking around w/ paper towels, disinfectant wipes and lots and lots of hand washing…gross!

So after almost a week we stopped and waited to see if he would go on his own. Well he didn’t and then he woke w/ 102 fever and very very lethargic and clingy. We treated w/ tylenol and the fever went up to 104. All this time trying to get hold of our local surgeon.

Long story short I wind up taking him to ER while Joe waits for my Mom to come and take care of E (THANKS Mom!)…at ER we do 3 xrays, blood work and check-up to find he has ear infection….. AND he finally poops at hospital. So after 4 hours we go home w/prescription for amoxicillin…yuck!

Then a few days later he has allergic reaction to med’s w/ rash and vomitting….so off the meds and back to pediatrician we go. Luckily the infection was clearing so we did not have to go on more meds.

Thank goodness it was not enterocolotis and we did not have to be admitted. Would have rather been home watching the Oscars but just glad my baby boy had a normal childhood illness and nothing HD related.

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