We always follow the 24 hour rule. No poop in 24 hours and it’s time to irrigate.

a bump in the road…..

Well right after his 4th bday he started w/ a minor wet cough. Pooping started to slow, maybe because of the mucous. Then just in time for Xmas his pooping stopped. We had to irrigate the day after Xmas and start him on senna. The irrigation was very hard but I got him clean and […]

six weeks of hell and counting

We have been to the ER twice. We have been giving enema’s, suppositories, or irrigations depending on JC’s status. We have been through maybe two bouts w/ enteroc…or it never really was gone after the first oral course of flagyl. We had to do irrigations w/ Flagyl 3x per day for a while, then weaned […]