So we went to see the nutritionist a few weeks ago and didn’t really get much help. She seemed to be more concerned w/ talking about his protein intake as opposed to his fiber intake. We talked a bit about soluble vs insoluble…but all and all I didn’t get much help. I did however get a nice pat on the back about what a terrific diet he had…so that was nice.

During our session, the nutritionist went to check in w/ gastro. She then comes back w/ a prescription for major blood work and stool sample analysis. sigh
So I take JC twice to lab to get stuck 3x each visit and they never get enough blood to go ANY of the tests. Poor guy was BRUISED after his last trip and NOT my happy little man.
I called the gastro to see if it was really necessary for all these tests and she really wanted me to have them done. So will take him to lab at Children’s Hospital where they have much more experience sticking little ones!
I also have to find time in my day to take a couple poopy diapers and transfer stool into the ten different containers I got from the lab. That should be fun.

Joey Cooper’s stooling pattern has definitely slowed down! YAH. He was probably down to 4-6x per day, but then we started w/ some major teething/mucous/cough and he seems to be back up to lots and lots, so dealing w/ a pretty nasty rash again. I hope that when he recovers from his teething/cold his stooling pattern will lessen even more.

JC is walking, talking, climbing and laughs all day long. He is a happy, wonderful, smart little man. We love him so!!!

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