So last Thursday Joey Coop’s belly starts LOUD rumbling (pooping fine). Friday he seems better, pooping fine but late afternoon vomiting begins and lasts on/off for a few hrs.

By Saturday he has stopped pooping. Sunday = enema that does not really pass much so irrigation. We see surgeon on Monday who thinks he just needs ‘stronger’ dilation and he does digital dilation which was not pleasant at all. JC’s tummy is still so loud and rumbly. He poops well on Tuesday morning and then never again. We are trying suppository or enema to clear him out.

By Friday I am very concerned as he is not improving at all, his appetite is very erratic and I am having a hard time keeping him hydrated so back to surgeon for xray.

His colon is slightly dilated. Lots of poop on right side. Local surgeon think anus is tight (although that did not seem to be concern on Monday). Thinks mild enterocolitis (we caught it early) and on Flagyl we go.

If rumbling does not stop by Monday then…..he wants to see him again, possibly for dilation under anesthesia….UGH.
Dr Levitt (in Cinci) does not think this really sounds like tight anus, so …… confused as usual.

Hoping Flagyl, continued dilation and irrigation helps to clean him up, get him well and that he starts pooping on his own SOON!


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