enema, laxative and diet!

So after 14 days on oral and topical anti-fungul Joey Cooper’s diaper rash was still not going away. We had a few days where it started to look better, but then the redness, bloody, open sores were back! When you hear diaper rash you may think, what is the big deal? Well this diaper rash looked like his poor little bum had been in a fire. We tried every OTC and many many many special order/medical supply wound care ointments. NOTHING helped and we were going on month 3 w/out much relief.

Our Cinci surgeon recommended a few days of enemas. To give his skin a break from the constant stooling. Well it worked. We only had to do one day (2x) and his skin looked so much better. Now we have begun a regimen of laxatives to help him have 1 big poop as opposed to 6 little ones. So far (day 4) I think it may be helping. His rash is still staying away- for the most part. And his nighttime sleep has improved a little (as he is not having so many little poops and then waking up from being uncomfie and wanting to be changed). I HOPE we are on a path to more sleep, less bum pain and better stooling pattern.

We have also been told by one of the nurses to add banana, rice cereal (BOXED, not my homemade!), OR pasta to each meal- so he has something binding to slow him down a bit. This is not to hard as his favorite word (besides DADA) is NANA= banana…whenever he is in kitchen and sees the banana he starts yelling for them ;)

So trying new things and hoping for LONG TERM POSITIVE results!

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  1. Jennifer at | | Reply

    My daughter has hirschsprungs as well. We have on going problems with diaper rash as well. She has taken miralax and it cause her to poop so much that finally I wondered if it was just some of the poop was going around the hard poop. So I gave her a enama and my gut feeling was right. It was unreal what came out of her. I really think the miralax is not helping. Any ideas for something to keep the regular? Or somewhat

    1. Brenda Weiss at | | Reply

      Once you are sure she is clean (after an enema) you could try Natural Calm magnesium (my 4.5 yr old take 2 heaping tsp when things need help). That seems to help alot. We never tried miralax, but senna was suggested a TON and anytime we tried it we had a VERY UNHAPPY baby/toddler/little boy and no real luck helping to empty. When in doubt go w/ your gut and enema or irrigation. So important to keep them clean/empty. We also saw very good results when we were able to get him up in water intake. Our surgeon recommended 32 oz ( and that was when he was 2 yrs old! YIKES). We were able to almost meet that by adding a tablespoon or two of juice to 8-12 oz of water. Some people swear by prunes, pear juice, etc…that never helped us much.

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