January 2011

So poop resumed in early December 2010 and it was a very on/off month. We had to do some irrigations around Xmas and then again around New Years and then things stopped again in mid-January.

Joey had an upper GI done and all results came back normal. Ella (his big sis) got a terrible stomach bug which she passed along to him and then he had a terrible night of vomiting followed by no poop. A few days later came the GI study in which he has to ingest barium so either both those things or one of them or something unrelated stopped the poop AGAIN.

We are trying gluten free. Have upped his senna to 3/4 strip twice a day. The new GI dr. we saw recommended Miralax, as every GI dr does. A drug we really really really don’t want to try. If any HD families read this and have any experience w/ Miralax and/or senna dosage please email me!

So the next step….see if gluten free helps. MAYBE re-consider botox injection at sphincter to give his bottom a break from POSSIBLE internal fissures. I DON’T KNOW.

One day, one poop, one irrigation at a time.

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