He stopped pooping AGAIN. We immediately start flagyl irrigations for about five days. We then stop the flagyl and just continue w/ irrigations. Enema’s don’t work, we get no return and then have to insert the irr. catheter to clear him. Xrays come back fine. We try upping his senna and that just causes vomiting. FINALLY after 5 weeks he randomly starts pooping again.

Now we are on one strip (=1 dropper=8.6 mg) once per day. He seems to be on a two stools per day. Although our surgeon says he must poop at least once in a 24 hr period, I have come to the conclusion he needs at least two (3 or 4 are better) in order to have a ‘normal’ day, where he feels well ALL day and has a good appetite all day.
Having a hard time w/ his diet. He has gotten so so so picky/fussy/finicky. I aim for 4-5g of fiber at each meal and he is rebelling against veggies right now and has been picky w/ some fruits. The only thing I can usually count on is his oatmeal/flax/raspberry/ground nuts in morn.
PRAYING for continued poops and no more bumps in the road.

HAPPILY he celebrated his second birthday on 12/5/10 w/ good poops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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