post-op day 2

Had a great night last night. Joey Coop slept for us and all of his monitors cooperated and did not make too much noise. He is on new pain meds and they are still causing some itching so we have meds that help to lessen the itch! Today he will be taken off ng tube and taken off continous pain meds tonight and put on a ‘push only’- so Joe or I or nurse push button to administer pain meds when he seems to be uncomfortable. He FINALLY got his TPN last night around 9pm (it was supposed to be hung at 5pm- like I keep saying all WHY can’t things be done before nighttime???????) which is helping to keep his belly feeling ‘full’. He has been awake on and off but is in ‘foggy land’….no smiling (boy do I MISS MISS MISS his BIG smiles), no talking and not much movement going on. HOPEFULLY we can take him out for a ‘walk’ around the hallway and maybe even outside for some fresh air…gotta get him off his some of his monitors first.

Ella continues to do great. Loving her time w/ Auntie Jenny. My friend Merrill left yesterday and Ella had A WONDERFUL time w/ her. She was a HUGE help to us and we are SO happy she offered to help….thanks merrill!

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