Botox #2…. a few weeks in

I messed up his diet and caused some back up. We had to go back to irrigating at the 1.5 week post Botox. I THINK it was because I gave him some pulled pork and he does not do well w/ that texture. After an xray he had significant stool in his descending colon and so we had to give an adult enema (yikes!) which didn’t provide enough retunr so another very aggressive irrigation. I was leaving the next day for a fitness weekend and since it take two of us to do the irrigations I wanted to get him as clean as possible before I left so I could actually stay away for two nights and not have to come home early to irrigate. Luckily the irrigation worked and joey started pooping on his own 2 days later.

Then things got GREAT. He is pooping on his own w/out any prompting to push. Usually 2x per day sometimes only one. He has not complained of a belly ache for weeks. he is POTTY TRAINED and it was EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He seems to do better if we put him on potty and walk away and then if he has to poop he poops. AWESOME and INCREDIBLE!
Feeling very blessed right now!

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