Disney w/ our HD friends!

Sarah and I ‘met’ online when Joey was a few mos old. We were planning our trip to Cinci for p/t, she was planning her trip to Cinci for her then 2 yr old to be seen by Levitt for consult ( he was having problems w/ Soave p/t cuff issue). We were going to meet at Cinci ( we were there at same time) but we never got to. Many, many , many phone class and even more emails have been exchanged and we became fast friends. In March when visiting Disney Sarah, Keaton (HD) and family were able to join us for a day at Hollywood Studios.

IT WAS A MAGICAL DAY. Our first meeting in person and it felt like we were old friends. Our kids immediately bonded as did the parents. We spent the day getting to know each other better and bonding over HD, poop, diet, and ALL of the challenges that come along those. We clicked, the kids clicked, it really was magic. I was so sad for the day to end. We had such an amazing time w/ this AMAZING family. We feel so blessed to have met them in person and cannot wait to plan another adventure together SOON. We hope they will come visit us up north one day- or we will meet somewhere in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of them always and sending big hugs to S, K, C and L!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come meet us. We loved EVERY single minute!!!!!!

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