Dr. Marc Levitt is leaving Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Hirschsprungs Disease News:

I received an email from Dr. Levitt today.  It’s sad news for the folks at Cincinnati Children’s but it’s good news for those little ones who are suffering form colo-rectal issues.

Dr. Marc Levitt is moving to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus.  He stated that…

“it will be an incredible opportunity, to help organize a Colorectal program in which colorectal, urologic reconstruction, gynecologic surgery, and GI motility are fully integrated and collaborative.

The new program will be called The Center for Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstruction.  This is an extremely exciting prospect that I could not say no to, as my mission has always been to collaborate and get teams working together to surround and focus their attention on the care of the child with a colorectal problem.

In addition to this unique clinical system, the outcomes and basic science programs there are amazing, which will be unique enhancements of the program.”

If you are in need of a surgeon, there is no one better or more experienced out there than Dr. Levitt.

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