One year irrigation free + stomach bug + Happy Birthday Joey

We made it ONE YEAR irrigation free. I’m so amazed. Every single December has been a struggle for Joey and I can list the things that happened each and every Dec since he was born on 2008. I dont have a great memory but when it comes to HD my mind remembers it all.

Last year we all got what I think was the flu. Then of course Joey’s bowels slowed then stopped. We irrigated 3-4 times over Christmas/New Year break and each time was worse than the time before ( he was 4 yrs at the time). Fast forward to this December. We all get a stomach virus. Joey and I get it first and the worst. I cross every finger and toe and pray that this will not slow down/stop poop. He had one day w/out pooping but of course that is because he wasn’t eating. I was able to keep him hydrated w/ coconut water. After 24 hours he seemed better and after about 36 hrs he was pooping a bit and then by 48 hours seemed almost normal. I can’t believe it. Something like this has ALWAYS brought about stalled poop and irrigations. I’m pleasantly surprised and proud of my boy’s body!!!!

Again, my feeling about TIME coming into play. As they get older they somehow are better able to self regulate and/or their body is adapting to the lack of colon/the ‘weakened’ ganglion cells….this is just my analysis. Clearly once the sick bowel is removed our kids still have issues so something else is going on that the dr’s have yet to discover.

Happy New Year to all. I hope this year brings some peace and health to those that are struggling.

Thanks for reading.

PS….happy happy happy happy birthday Joey.  He turned 5 on 12/5!


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