Travel Day one

How do you people w/ more than one kid do it? Traveling w/ two is challenging + ALLL the stuff. There is NO way we could have flown. Thank goodness we rented a mini van, it fit all the ‘stuff’ that comes along w/ two kids. Ella is so EASY going when it comes to sleeping in a different places. She is sleeping ……in the bathroom again ( I know bad Mommy) and Joey Cooper- who is SO overtired- is in our bed///maybe we will try and transfer him to his co-sleeper but it took a really long time to get him settled tonight. JC loves his carseat (so much more than Ella did/does) BUT did not sleep on the ride here SO it we stopped ALOT and the ride here to the half way point (about 340 miles) took almost 8 hrs….it did not help that we got stuck on Rt 78 when they closed the highway due to a terrible accident (that was about 30-45 min).

Oh well, we are here and Ella got some swim time in the indoor pool. Tomorrow we head out first thing and hope to make better time and get to Cinci by 2-3pm!

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