Went down to CHOP yesterday.  Long story short they said I shouldn’t be to worried about the nodule.  It is very very small and does not look suspicious.  They took some blood to test his thyroid function.  Dr. is also contacting a colleague down at Johns Hopkins who specializes in MEN 2a and will touch base w/ her regarding Joey’s specific RET mutation.  We will go back in a year to do another u/s and blood to make sure nothing is changing/growing.  With two doctors telling us to wait and watch that is what we will do now.

We are focusing now on where Joey is.  FULLY trained.  Pooping like a SUPER STAR.  In school five mornings a week.  Sleeping, restfully through the night.  Growing, singing, laughing, pooping, talking, pooping, running, pooping, throwing fits, pooping…..doing great.  (This is all 9 months post Botox #2, NINE months irrigation free, NINE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)