Vancomycin and Diflucan – LOVE these two drugs

So I am the Mom who hates for my kids (and myself) to be on meds. Once HD entered our life I had to let go A LOT and let the meds come into our world. So once Joey stopped pooping again and irrigations had to resume I remembered that back about 1.5 years ago we had a specialty stool test (done by Genova Lab) and that test showed C-diff and fungal issue.
So I called our pediatrician and said hey can we run that test again, he said lets just do the drugs since they worked so well last time and he obviously has something going on. Well we started those drugs and within 2-3 days he was pooping on his own and by 4-5 days the poops we so normal looking, big and even an ALMOSt normal texture. Its like thos med’s made his colon whole and healthy- thats what it seemed like!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway after 10/14 days we were done w/ the meds and all continued in the right direction. the texture went back to HD texture and the size was big/small depending on the day, his diet, his water intake, the way the wind was blowing, etc!!!!!!
HappY those meds were able to clear up whatever was brewing and that we did not need a 3rd round of Botox!!!!!!!!!!!!

All is well….even thorough a major double ear infection/respiratory infection he continued to do well w/ poops! YIPPPEEE!

THANKS for reading!

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