Botox (#1)…..5 months in

Things are really good. Since my last post Joey has been pooping really well, 2-4x per day into his diaper. I remind him every couple hours to ‘give me some poopy’ and that really seems to be working! We are giving magnesium almost everyday (Natural Calm, approx 1-2 teasp). Senna we use as needed, which seems to be once every 7-10 days or so. Our last irrigation was end of June and after that ‘clean-out’ his pooping became very regular and almost predictable!!!!!!!!!!
I think when I let off on his diet I mess things up. Specifically he cannot handle foods w/ skins (I shell the peas, peel grapes, cannot let blueberries in) and also nuts/seeds. He can have those if I grind them into a powder but even the smallest piece of nut or sunflower seed seems to get things ‘stuck’. He would eat blueberries every single day if I let him, but even when I cut them really really small I still see pieces of the skin come out in chunks (sorry, tmi). So I am trying to ignore his TANTRUMS when I eat an almond and he just wants ‘one small bite Mama, PLEEEASE”. He seems to be realizing that he is on a ‘special diet’ like his sister is (for something totally unrelated) and that is also helping. He can have ice cream, she cannot. She can have blueberries and almonds, he cannot. As he gets older I think the diet part is getting easier to explain and for him to accept. I am sure as he gets better at chewing everything we will be able to intro all those foods at a later date.

Fingers crossed, toes crossed and prayers said every single day that we continue on this path. That we don’t need another round of Botox. That we don’t need to go back to Cinici. That we don’t need to see our local surgeon anymore. That Joey continues to poop on his own each and every day- several times a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS for reading~!

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