Botox 4 months in

So around 12 weeks in things got better again.  Poopy diapers and pooping into my gloved hand!  Things are good.  Then he gets sick again, things slow down, pick back up and then the poop becomes more like diarrhea- very watery and very slow to come.  Have put him back on senna the past few days and not really helping at all.  So yesterday we did enema w/ no return so then irrigation which produced very stale (moth ball smell) smelling watery poop.  Each time we get a break from irrigations they get even harder to do and Joey was fighting us so hard yesterday….so sad.

Then today some vomiting this morn, which I am hoping was because I gave him a very big dose of senna last night- he also had a big diaper.  So now we wait to see if he develops fever or distension or vomits more????  I HOPE this isn’t the beginning of EC.  I also hope we don’t need another round of botox.  I so thought we would back at week 6, but he really turned a corner and started doing much better at week 12.  Going to change a poopy diaper so that is good!

THANKS for reading.

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