Botox, week 12 update

Well things started going a little crazy around week 6. His poop decreased and then pretty much stopped. Some fever, vomiting and a trip to the surgeon. Surgeon thought Botox might be worn/wearing off but wanted him to recover from a head cold before we went ahead and did anything- maybe the cold was throwing his system off. A trip to the pediatrician revealed double ear infection. He also had some specialty lab work done that revealed high bacteria and fungus/yeast so….he went on antiobiotics for gastro stuff, antifungal for yeast and antibiotics for ear infection. The gastro stuff was all started about a week before the ear was diagnosed so we went on med’s then off med’s to start the ear infection treatment then back on gastro med’s after a few days off to give his system some ‘rest’ from all the drugs. So of course all of this messed things up even more. He stopped pooping all together, then started again right around the time we think the ear infection started to really clear up….but

the new thing was he does not/will not poop in his diaper. I put on gloves and his pushes out ping pong size balls of poop onto my fingers (lovely!). This happens a few times a day and if we are lucky he MIGHT have a poopy diaper after nap or nighttime sleep.

This goes on a for a couple weeks and then things slow down/stop again (lots of external fissures and horrible rash so probaly some internal fissures as well) and then he starts back up again w/ the ‘poopy into Mommy’s fingers’!

So as usual, everything is up and down. Today was a wonderful day w/ lots of poop, a couple days ago we were really struggling. I am hoping this is just a mind-body connection thing that we have to work through. I can see/feel that he is tight again but some days he is able to work through the tightness and push, other days it is a struggle and it hurts.

I am looking into possibly starting him w/ a pt to do some myofascial release to help him relax that internal sphincter. Also thinking about chiropractic as well.

I am also trying some dietary stuff (aloe vera juice, magnesium) to see if I can help things move along.

As always…taking it one poop at a time!

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