Botox, 4 weeks in.

So far, so good. His poop has really slowed down to 1-3x per day. He is not on anything to ‘help’ him go. Yesterday I did try ‘Natural Calm’ magnesium supplement and he wound up going a lot today. He is also becoming more interested in pushing the poopy out while his diaper is off!!!
Rash has improved a great deal. Still some bloody spots but they are very, very small. He is complaining MUCh less about ‘poopy hurting’. He usually poops, looks at me and says ‘Mama poopy doesn’t hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!”…all surprised that it finally feels ‘OK’!
Local surgeon is very happy w/ results and we don’t have to see him again till May.

fingers crossed that he continues on this path. We are so relieved and so happy to have our boy in a good place and to feel like we have our life back. No irrigations= PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANKS for reading.

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