Botox…6 days in

The first few days were pretty awful. Poop ever few minutes along w/ “POOPY OUCHY, POOPY HURTS” and a crying/screaming Joey Cooper. The wicked HD rash came back very quickly. We had him in the tub 3-5x per day and each time was accompanied by small poop, so out of tub, clean tub, clean toys, disinfect.

Today is day 6 and we are doing better. He is having 2 poops per day if we are lucky. Both are during sleep. So one in am and one after nap…although the nap one comes and goes. Three is our ultimate number, two is very good but one….one is not enough for us. One= some rumbling, distension and not great appetite.

The rash is still here and so is his pain, either from rash and/or from procedure itself. He does not like us cleaning, diapering him and SCREAMS….so lots of quick soaks in tub and rinses off.
All and all he is doing better and we are so HAPPY not to be doing irrigations/enemas. HOPE this pattern continues and hope his pain and rash subside soon. We see surgeon next week to see if anything came from the biopsy they took (testing for EC).

….almost there, I hope.

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