Botox in!

Well he had the procedure done today. It was supposed to take 30 minutes and took closer to 1.25 hrs…all because he was so filled w/ stool :(
Made me feel like a terrible Mommy.
We did an irrigation less than 24 hrs ago, but 1x per day is just not enough and they are so hard to do that I always end them too early bec he is so distraught so it was no surprise to me that he was filled…however it took 9 liters of saline to get him clean- THAT IS I N S A N E!

Like I thought he had a very big, very deep fissure internally….so what the surgeon thinks is that some spasms cause the fissure and then he is doing some withholding and then when he does go on his own it irritates the fissure and the cycle keeps getting worse and worse. His colon was very inflamed so they took a biopsy to see if he is enterocolitic. He hasn’t shown any signs of EC since September so I would be surprised if he does have it…. I hope not, bec then we have to re-intro oral Flagyl and I KNOW that will be very very very hard, if not impossible to get in him.

Botox went in…the paralyze 1/2 the muscle. So the internal sphincter looks like a clock and they paralyze from 3pm-9pm…the bottom half of the circle. He used 35 units of botox *for all the HD families out there). He said some surgeons use close to 100 units, but he is very conservative.

So he is empty right now but should start to stool normally in the next 24-48 hrs….I am PRAYING for poop. I really really really hope this works.

Took him a while to wake from anesthesia, but once he was up he climbed right into my arms and ate and drank and ate and drank….so we go discharged pretty quickly. Home by 1:30!

So all went well, now we have to wait and see if it helps!

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  1. Nicky at | | Reply

    Hi there,

    Did botox on your son work.

    My two year old daughter will be having same thing done tomorrow and barium enema showed she’s full of stool inspite of 2 irrigations a day! She also gets very upset when she’s getting it.



    1. Brenda Weiss at | | Reply

      Botox worked beautifully. We got two rounds about a year apart. The last round was 1/2012 and we have not needed anymore. Joey is 4 and fully trained, no accidents, no smearing. The irrigations are awful- I know. I am so happy we did the Botox and wish we had done it sooner. Feel free to contact me for more info. Good Luck

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