Day one post-op

Last night was HARD.  We got maybe 3 hrs of broken sleep.  JC is obviously hooked up to lots of monitors and his respirations were low so the monitor was CONSTANTLY beeping and we thought it was bothering him.  So one of us was constantly standing at crib keeping him calm and silencing the monitor (which only goes silent for 5 min at a time..ANNOYING).  He is not reacting well to his pain meds (morphine) so we had to give him an anti itch med and some valium (which then lowered his resp even more, ugh).  His belly is a bit irritated from his ng tube so now he is also on Zantac to help his belly heal and he is on heavy heavy duty antiobiotics.  So as you can imagine the nurse was in hear like every 1/2 hr to check meds/change meds/alter meds/ check monitors/check IV’s, etc,etc, etc….  He has a central line (upper arm) distributing most of his meds and an IV in one hand   administering other meds/fluids.  Poor guy is so itchy and hopefully pain mngmt team will be here soon to switch to diff. med.    He has been sleeping most of the night w/ some crying episodes which then requires Joe or I to press a button to give an extra dose of med…. gotta run, please keep us in your thoughts.  THANKS!

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