Arrived at hospital Sunday morning. He had his last breasfeeding session at 12pm. They put in his ‘ng’ tube (tube down his nose into stomach) around 1pm and started a solution called ‘go lightly’ to clean out his colon. After two four hour shifts of the go lightly he was ‘cleaned out’ and allowed clear liquids (pedialyte) till 5am. He took 2 or 3 small bottles of pedialyte during the night. It was a rough time around 8pm-9pm after he had been off food for 7 hrs or so and was MAD, he wanted to eat. We finally got him to sleep around 9pm and then had dr’s and nurses in and out till 10:30pm or so (why am I signing consent forms at 9pm?????????????). He did great most of the night..sleeping w/ me on a TINY pull out chair. Joe slept on a aerobed. By 5:30am he had enough and REALLY wanted to eat and we could not even give him the pedialyte anymore :( so there was ALOT of screaming/crying!!!!!!!!!!
. ….then surgery was delayed, delayed, delayed….and they got started around 2pm, prep for an hour and surgery got started around 3pm. He should be done around 7pm-ish. He will be on morphine and/or phentanol for pain for about 3-4 days. Hopefully his incubation tube will be out right after surgery. No breastfeeding till next Monday/Tuesday so he goes on TPN (total parenteral nutrition) tomorrow…which should keep him feeling satiated.

Ella is doing GREAT hanging w/ my friend Merrill. They visited us this morning and then went to the zoo. She has a little head cold but it does not seem to be bothering her energy/spirit! Tomorrow Auntie Jenny comes to take over Ella care.
That’s all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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