We decided to drive straight through. It took about 12 hrs door to door which included several stops to feed Joey Coop. The kids did good. JC did much better than Ella who was NOT happy to be strapped in; even the DVD player was not working to keep her quiet.

I am suffering from ‘nervous Mommy syndrome’. Scared of infection and another trip to ER….I know it WON’T happen but I am still scared. Gotta calm myself down because all this stress is making me not well.

He is doing SOOOO great. HAving poopy diapers almost everytime I change him- which was expected. He is starting to eat better, but still not as much as before surgery. He did pretty well w/ sleep last night…although Joe was up at 5:30am soothing both of them (Ella got scared of a woodpecker making noise!)…thank goodness he never made it to the gym because I SOOOOOOOOOO needed to sleep- I was PASSED OUT! thanks joe~

now…laundry laundry and more laundry!

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