Two weeks since surgery!

It has been two weeks since Joey Coop’s pull through surgery and he is doing GREAT! I feel like his feeds are almost back to normal (he was eating less for a little while) and he is pooping GREAT! He poops alot and it is very acidic so we are changing diapers at least every two hours to stay on top of diaper rash. We were warned that the diaper rash could be really really bad so we have some special barrier cream but we have not had to use it…hopefully we never will.

We see a local surgeon in mid June to do some tests and see if he needs any irrigations/dialations. Hoepfully he won’t. We will also have an xray to make sure everything is moving!

We are all still adjusting to being back home…not quite back into our routine yet.

If anyone has any remedies for getting rid of woodpeckers who peck on our gutters at 5am and wake up Ella….PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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