sigh…now we have to irrigate

Think I mentioned in last post that Joey Coop has been a bit out of sorts since we got home from vacation. He has been waking up early in the evening SCREAMING about….something. Thought maybe teeth as he broke his first two right before vacation…but did not really seem to be teething.

So mothers intuition was telling me to irrigate (like an enema- sort of) for a few days, but I was ignoring it (BAD) because he is/was pooping and we are supposed to irrigate if he does not poop in 24 hr period.

So irrigated Wed night (at midnight; we know how to party around here!!!) and put in about 250 cc’s of saline and got out about 300cc’s- so lots of poop. Luckily, JC only cried for the first minute or so (it takes a while as you put in 10 cc’s at a time and then wait for it to drain right back out) and then we were able to distract him. He does much worse w/ dialations- but luckily those are only a couple seconds. Irrigated again this morning as it had been about 20 hrs since his last poop.

I am back to taking it day by day….so scared that this will be long term ( I have just spent way too much time reading other HD stories) and I have to think it is scar tissue and his body reacting to having solids for the first time in early July. We are taking it soooo slow w/ food, but it still as an effect on his digestion.

so that is all………….

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