two months post op

Went to the surgeon last week for JC’s two month post op visit. Was very surprised to find out that his sphincter muscle is tight (prob. scar tissue forming) and we have to begin dialations ASAP. The surgeon was very happy that we had an appt when we did (on a Friday); he said if we had gone through the weekend we probably would have ended up in ER due to ‘back up’ of poop, and probable enterocolitis. ~~sigh~~~

We were shocked. I had gone to the appt by myself w/ the two kids. Joey Coop screams the minute he gets dialated (ouch, poor baby) and Ella is behind me lifting up my skirt while the surgeon is trying to teach me how to do the dialations at home….oh joy…note to self- don’t wear skirts to the dr.’s office anymore!!!!!!!!

So now we have to dialate 2-3x per day for the next 4 months. Each month we will go up a size in dialators. Luckily, so far so good and we have not had any explosions of poop like we had at surgeon’s office. Did I mention that while the baby is screaming and Ella is pulling up my skirt that the exam table is FILLED w/ JC’s poop! Ahhhh!

Other than that Joey Coop is great. Two bottom teeth in. Started solids- which was huge- as I was scared it would slow things down or cause lots of pain/gas, but it all went well. He is not that into food (still prefers the breastmilk!!) but takes in 1-2 SMALL meals each day! He is still really big, I think around 20 lbs or so.
:) happy summer :)

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