WE HAVE POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a little rough as Joe made me leave and take a break from the hospital (and to have a little Ella time- which was AWESOME!) BUT of course on the day I decide to leave Joey Coop has some bouts of throwing up. So they ordered an xray to make sure no blockage and the xray looked great so they figured maybe reaction to all heavy duty antiobiotics and gave him anti naseau meds (more drugs…ugh).
I surprisingly was not that concerned because the same thing happened after last surgery when his bowels started to ‘wake up’. When we checked his next diaper we saw it….that beautiful ‘meconium looking’ poop ( it is mucous and bile so it has a distinct look). Then two hours later a bigger one!!!! SORRY for TMI but it is soooooo exciting for us; I am pretty sure Joe will want to post the pix for EVERYONE to see ;)

So now we have to make sure and check his diaper every 2 hrs…the next thing to expect is wicked diaper rash so we gotta stay on top of it. We have a great nurse tonight so she can do some changes for us as well!

We are beyond THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yah yah yah yah yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow they take out the catheter and will probably take him off his heavy duty pain meds and put him on Tylenol. Once he is off narcotic pain meds he can come off some of the monitors. YAH!

Happy Mommy and Daddy here in Cincinnati and we got some good take in noodles for dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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