Day 4 post op

Very busy day today. JC had a couple more bouts of vomit in middle of night so we were off to Xray first thing this morning. Xray showed some dialation, gas and poop that was not moving through very quickly and causing a back up which in turn was causing the vomit. SO then we had to have him irrigated by one of the surgeons…that was pretty (NOT). Then his catheter came out, then he came off continuous (pump) pain meds….by that point he was ready for a nap and I went down to see Ella while JC and Dad napped. He only slept for 30 minutes (feels like we are home- back to short naps) so Joe and Joey Coop came down for some fresh air.

He is feeling better, smiling and talking a bunch BUT every few hours he has some wicked gas pain and SCREAMS until it passes (takes 15-30 min)..not much we can do for that. There is swelling at anus from surgery and also things are still moving SO slow due to pain meds, anesthsia and just having surgery in general….so tomorrow is another xray and possibly more irrigation. We are waiting to see surgeon now due to some pretty intense gas pain- we’ll see what she says-

IF all goes well he can eat Sunday night/Monday and POSSIBLE discharge as early as Tuesday. The best news is that Auntie Jenny can stay in Ohio for the remainder of the ‘trip’ (she was supposed to leave Sunday) so Joe can stay in the hospital w/ JC and I until we are discharged. She will ‘road trip’ it w/ us home and that will be a HUGE help as well….yah…so glad to have her here w/ Ella for an extra few days.

Thanks for all the emails/calls. Miss everyone!

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