Botox in!

Well he had the procedure done today. It was supposed to take 30 minutes and took closer to 1.25 hrs…all because he was so filled w/ stool Made me feel like a terrible Mommy. We did an irrigation less than 24 hrs ago, but 1x per day is just not enough and they are so […]

finally…botox tomorrow

Dealing w/ major head colds has delayed the Botox twice. We are scheduled for tomorrow. I have so much HOPE in my heart that this will work and give my little love some relief. Please please please let it work. Nervous and scared but hopeful!


We decided to give botox a try. I upped his senna again to two strips (or approx 17 mg) per day and still nothing. He complains every day that his belly button hurts and his poopy hurts. His appetite goes from good to bad as his colon fills up w/ poop and he gets really […]

January 2011

So poop resumed in early December 2010 and it was a very on/off month. We had to do some irrigations around Xmas and then again around New Years and then things stopped again in mid-January. Joey had an upper GI done and all results came back normal. Ella (his big sis) got a terrible stomach […]