prunes are working!

We started prunes last week and it seems to be helping alot; we have not had to irrigate since the weekend…so that is GREAT!  Will be trying to use food as ‘laxative’ as I really really don’t want to start my little guy on any laxatives just yet..I am hoping I ‘control’ things through diet!  […]

sigh…now we have to irrigate

Think I mentioned in last post that Joey Coop has been a bit out of sorts since we got home from vacation. He has been waking up early in the evening SCREAMING about….something. Thought maybe teeth as he broke his first two right before vacation…but did not really seem to be teething. So mothers intuition […]

two months post op

Went to the surgeon last week for JC’s two month post op visit. Was very surprised to find out that his sphincter muscle is tight (prob. scar tissue forming) and we have to begin dialations ASAP. The surgeon was very happy that we had an appt when we did (on a Friday); he said if […]

One month post-op/UPDTAE

Joey Cooper is doing great!!!!!!!!! It has been 5 weeks, 2 days since surgery- but whose counting?!? His poops are starting to slow down. he was pooping a small amount at almost every diaper change and we are changing him at least every two hours during the day. His poops are starting to regulate to […]

Two weeks since surgery!

It has been two weeks since Joey Coop’s pull through surgery and he is doing GREAT! I feel like his feeds are almost back to normal (he was eating less for a little while) and he is pooping GREAT! He poops alot and it is very acidic so we are changing diapers at least every […]


We decided to drive straight through. It took about 12 hrs door to door which included several stops to feed Joey Coop. The kids did good. JC did much better than Ella who was NOT happy to be strapped in; even the DVD player was not working to keep her quiet. I am suffering from […]

we are…….

at the hotel in Cinnci!!!!!!!!!  Joey Coop was discharged today.     I am a nervous wreck, praying that everything really is ‘fixed’.  We head home tomorrow, be home on Wednesday- late afternoon.  I am EXHAUSTED- never felt this level of tiredness-going to bed.

post op day 6

It has been a rough the past couple days. Joey Coop was DEFINITELY ready to eat yesterday but he is still NPO….they had to do another xray yesterday to see if his intestines improved from Friday and they did! YAH! He was WAY fussy yesterday and we could hardly even get him to nap at […]

Day 4 post op

Very busy day today. JC had a couple more bouts of vomit in middle of night so we were off to Xray first thing this morning. Xray showed some dialation, gas and poop that was not moving through very quickly and causing a back up which in turn was causing the vomit. SO then we […]

WE HAVE POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was a little rough as Joe made me leave and take a break from the hospital (and to have a little Ella time- which was AWESOME!) BUT of course on the day I decide to leave Joey Coop has some bouts of throwing up. So they ordered an xray to make sure no blockage […]